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Display 12″ color TFT touch screen
Standard thermal printed
Internal battery for transport


For our monitoring line we offer different compatible solutions even with a hyperbaric chamber up to 60 meters deep. Our products are easy to use and intuitive for all operators.

The monitor model Neptune 12″ is equipped with a 12″ color TFT touch screen display. In its full optional version it can monitor the following vital parameters: ECG 3/5/12 derivations, HR, SPO 2 Masimo, NIBP, 2 IBP, 2 TEMP CO 2 , O 2 , N 2 O, AG , CSI, thermal printer and an internal battery.

The monitor Neptune 12″ is equipped with extensive functions as audible and visible alarms, data printing,
stored reports printing, trends and events and suitable for the connection to the Monitoring station D-16.


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