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Claw Medical Vacuum

Claw Medical Vacuum

Most Efficient Vacuum Technology Available
Utilizing a dry, frictionless, multi-claw technology, the BeaconMedæs Claw Vacuum System can provide significant savings in energy costs. The rotors (claws) spin in opposite directions, synchronized via precision gears. Although the pump design holds very tight clearances, the rotors never contact the housing or each other. This removes the need for any lubricant or seal fluid inside the pumping chamber and provides a highly efficient operation. High efficiency equals less horsepower and therefore less power cost over the life of the system. Uniquely, the variable speed drive option enhances power saving and machine life.


Lowest Operating Costs
The Claw is the least expensive technology over a five year cost of ownership when compared with any other medical vacuum technology. Due to the superb efficiency of the Claw which creates higher SCFM per HP, other
technologies require more horsepower to achieve equivalent flows to the Claw.  When you combine the high efficiency of the Claw with the low maintenance requirement, you will find it has superior operating costs over the life of the system.

 Longer Machine Life
Operating with low starting currents and slower pump speeds, machine and component wear decreases. This results not only in less maintenance costs, but lengthens the vacuum system life.

Touchscreen Functionality
The Claw LifeLine Medical Vacuum systems feature high-detail touchscreen controls. All systems incorporate a large “system” screen with additional “unit” screens for each pump/motor combination. Easy-to-read color graphics and icons make navigation simple and display the system’s vital information.
• Motion sensor activates touchscreens, preserving the screen life.
• Self-diagnostic alerts to inform you of potential system problems before  becoming alarm/shutdown conditions.
• Maintenance alerts to keep your vacuum system services on schedule.

 Low Maintenance
The BeaconMedæs Claw has the lowest maintenance requirements of any vacuum system. Due to the contactless operation and no lubricant in the pumping chamber, the only maintenance required for the Claw is simply changing gear lubricant and changing an inlet filter annually.


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