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Triple Head Operating Light – Inspital – LD10.03

Triple Head Operating Light – Inspital – LD10.03

Model: LD10.03
Brand: Inspital
Country of manufacture: Germany – EU



Lamp has 3 heads, which includes 60 LEDs individually. Lamps Max. Illumination power, in 1 m is 160.000 lux for each head unit. The usage Led lifetime is >60.000 hours. Coronary artery bypass surgery, which is one of the longest operations, usually takes 2-4 hours. This period corresponds to approximately 15,000 coronary artery bypass surgeries.

Thanks to Inspital’s innovative light design, the illuminated area diameter can be adjusted between 130-360 mm. In open surgeries, an incision of approximately 100-200 mm is made and the illuminated area diameter of our ceiling lamp is sufficient to illuminate this area.

External battery can be added for ceiling type Inspital operating lights as optional.



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