LIVES, the annual congress of The European Society of Intensive Care Medicine (ESICM), which will be on held on 20 -24 October in Paris this year, is always a great opportunity for LINET to present its latest products for intensive care and emergency care. There, it will offer the Early Mobilisation concept, a comprehensive system of therapies and active exercises carried out with the patient that are supported by the functions of LINET’s ICU solutions, for the first time this year. Another attraction of booth #2.50 is the new Sprint 100 stretcher and Sella multifunctional chair.

“The loss of the ability to move has a negative effect on the entire body, and the longer it lasts, the more likely the complications associated with immobility are to occur. Early mobilisation is therefore one of the key activities in intensive care,” says Tabea Lanzske, Product Marketing Manager of LINET Group for the ICU segment. Mobilisation with LINET beds supports these activities even when the patient is still unconscious – in particular muscle strengthening exercises and verticalization. It is all in a completely safe mode for the patient while, at the same time, offering the highest level of ergonomics and reduced physical demands on the staff. Come and experience Early Mobilisation with LINET during workshops and presentations right at LINET’s booth.

The new Sprint 100 stretcher is designed not only for transport and the emergency segment. Its design is focused on the rapid transport of patients that are in a critical condition and on saving lives, but also on high-quality treatment and a comfortable stay on the stretcher for patients, for example, during one-day care – a wide range of outpatient procedures that do not require hospitalization. The Sella chair has a similar wide range of applications.


20 – 24 October
Palais des Congrès, Paris, France
Booth #2.50

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