Company about us

Company Name: Medical Construction and Equipment Joint Stock Company. 
Abbreviation: MEDICON., JSC 
Head office: No. 47, Lane 139, Nguyen Ngoc Vu, Trung Hoa Ward- Cau Giay District– Hanoi City- Viet Nam. 
Company was established under license of Business Code: 0102778335 by Department of Planning and Investment of Hanoi City licensed 06 May 10 2008, registered changes sixth day November 26, 2018.
Founded 06/2008 year- Medical Construction and equipment Joint Stock Company (Medicon.JSC.) business detail: import & distribution products machinery in the medical field- Special line: Solution clean air and Medical gas for whole hospital buiding: I.C.U Department; Sterilizer Department; Operating Department; Maternity and Pediatric Department…etc. Over more than 10 years of operating and development company has gradually asserted its development with product quality-selective high technology originating from Europe; America; Japan…. Currently, Medicon.JSC. is the representative distributor of the medical equipment market in Vietnam for leading brands such as:

  • Manufacturer Atlas Copco GROUP (EU):
    • Air system complete medical center (Beacon Meadas Brand- UK, USA)
    • Center of oxygen creates large capacity.
    • Medical Center compressed air.
  • Manufacturer Inspital (Turkey/ EU):
    • Air system complete medical center. Nurse call system
    • The operating room equipment: high-frequency scalpels, electro-hydraulic operating table, LED ceiling light harvesting, Vacuum services for operating rooms, ultrasound hand washes …
  • Manufacturer LINET GROUP (Czech/ EU):
    • Multifunctional Electric beds ICU.
    • Vehicles transporting patients.
    • Furniture hospital.
  • Manufacturer Siare Engineering International Group (EU):
    • Anesthesia machine.
    • Ventilator machine.
    • Monitoring.
  • Manufacturer Mediccleanair (Swiss/ EU):
    • Clean air solution for operation.
    • Clean Air for Laboratories.
  • Manufacturer Del Medical (USA):
    • System High frequency X-ray.
    • System Digital X-ray.
    • The system of mobile X-ray.
  • Manufacturer Borcad (Czech/ EU):
    • Multifunctional Chair electronic control.
    • Gynaecological workplace.
  • Manufacturer MEDICOR (Hungary/ EU):
    • Infant incubators.
    • Warming and Resuscitation Table.
    • Phototherapy Unit.
  • Manufacturer EMALED (GmbH/ EU):
    • Ceiling surgical light& camera.
    • Mobile surgical lights& Battery backup.
    • Examination lights.
  • Manufacturer AJC (Portugal/EU):
    • Horizontal Steam Sterilizer.Ø Washers &Desinfectors
  • Manufacturer Bieger (GmbH/ EU)
    • Machine warmed blood fluids.
    • Pressure machine blood transfusion.

Typical projects in recent 03 years: 

The 2018 year:
• Supply and installation: package of medical equipments- Military Hospital 5- 7 – Logistics Department of Military Zone 3. 
• Supply and installation of:package medical gas system-E hospital- Ha noiCity . 
• Supply and installation of:package Medical gas system – Son La General Hospital- Son La province. 
• Supply and installation of: package diagnostic imaging equipments- Health Medical Department- Defense Ministry. 
• Supply and installation of: package diagnostic imaging equipments- General Administration- Security Ministry. 
• Supply and installation of: package medical gas system-Pho Noi Hospital- Hung Yen Province. 
• Supply and installation of: package of medical equipments- 354 Military Hospital- Defense Ministry . 
• Supply and installation of: package of medical equipments- Hai Hau hospital- Nam Dinh province.
• Supply and installation package of medical equipments- Tropical Diseases Hospital- Ha Noi City 
• Supply and installation of: package medical devices Geriatric National Hospital – Ha Noi City. 
• Supply and installation of: Operating machines gas system- Vinh University Medical Center- Vinh City.