The perfect blend of LINET’s strongest assets made a difference

The synergy of the innovative potential of LINET Group, including state-of-art products and their clinical aspects, combined with the best sales and marketing team and featured in a newly designed booth was a tremendous magnet for visitors at Arab Health 2019 in Dubai. At the same time, the booth provided a great background for meetings with partners and key customers, not only from Middle East and Africa region.

LINET booth Arab Health 2019


“LINET Group has clearly confirmed its position among the most important global producers in our segment,” said Tomas Kolar, CEO of LINET Group. “Not only because of the professionalism of the overall presentation, but also due to the comprehensive 360° solution designed for different areas of care,” he added.

“To create an effective and functional solution, interactions with people in the industry is key, and events such as Arab Health are the best opportunity to meet, discuss, and get feedback from our customers,” said Gunter Röper, Marketing and Product Management Director. The open booth design supported this strategy and literally encouraged and invited visitors to meet and interact. One of the examples where LINET has fully implemented this approach is the Early Mobilization with LINET program, new clinical solution, which supports recovery and therapy in the ICU environment with the help of special bed functions aiding routine nursing procedures.

The fact that customers are currently interested not only in the technologies and products themselves, but in the issues, they solve, has shown the attractivity of clinical presentations of Molly Dudek, an US clinical specialist, focused on the physiotherapeutic aspects of the concept Early Mobilization with LINET. Other presentations introduced solutions for Intensive Care, Mother and Child Care and One Day care.

“Arab Health is an opportunity of how to strengthen the brand, demonstrate and present the best that we can offer, which we really managed to do this year,” said Gunter Röper, Marketing and Product Management Director. The importance of the event was also seen in the presence of main competitors – the biggest global and understandably also the smaller local hospital bed producers. Their presence here confirms strategy to be in the centre of things and be seen that LINET Group is doing well both in terms of marketing and sales.

“The Middle East and Africa region is extremely diverse and I am delighted that the current LINET MEA team is able to fully cover and meet the various needs of customers in different countries,” said Petr Foit, Sales Director for Export. “We have been hosting visitors from 40 different countries, not only from the Middle East and Africa, but also from Latin America, the USA, Malaysia, India, Turkey and others, which demonstrates the global impact of the trade fair,” he added. Meetings with 46 partners and distributors from across the region were also important.

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