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Mega 3 Medical Gas Notification Alarm

Mega 3 Medical Gas Notification Alarm

Medical Signaling Device

The MEGA3™ medical gas notification alarms provide master  and area alarm signals as required by the latest edition of NFPA 99. The alarm is ETL listed to UL 1069 and CSA C22.2 No.205 Signal Equipment.
All field wiring and signals are self-monitoring and on a closed circuit. Fault signals activate on an open circuit.

Product Description

Area Alarm Panel Configuration
• Area alarm panel monitors 1 to 8 digital gas sensor  modules, installed locally or remotely.
• Display screen continuously displays the monitored gas  pressures or vacuum in the piping system.
• Customize gas badges on the display for gas types, color, and language. Type in areas served per gas during set up process through the touchscreen interface.
• Program the units of measure for each gas badge to read PSI, BAR, and kPa in increments of 1 PSI, .1 BAR, and to 10 kPa respectively.
• Visual indicators for system pressure or vacuum are NORMAL (green) and individual indicators (red) for alarm fault condition such as LOW or HIGH pressure.
• Low and high alarm points are factory set per NFPA 99 standards, but remain field programmable through  touch screen interface.
• The Area alarm panel contains a general fault relay for the entire panel or add an optional relay board to provide the pressure fault status for each gas.

10.2″ Touch Screen LCD Display
• MEGA3™ Master, Area, and Combination Alarms have a  10.2” touch screen LCD display.
• The LCD touch screen display allows for all alarm  programming and set up on site without the use of tools

  • CD display contains an adjustable background with many color/brightness options.

Area Alarm Digital Sensor
• Gas specific digital gas sensor contains a transducer  capable of providing factory calibrated signals to the alarm panel.
• Gas sensors may be located inside the alarm rough-in (local) or outside the alarm rough-in (remote).


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