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HF1970 – Comfy Hydraulic Stretcher Trolley, 5 Functions


HF1970 – Comfy Hydraulic Stretcher Trolley, 5 Functions

Product Description

  • COMFY hydraulic stretcher trolley with adjustable back rest, knee rest, trendelenburg, reverse trendelenburg & adjustable height.
  • Back Rest adjustable by gas spring, knee rest adjustable by super smooth crank, other functions adjustable by hydraulic mechanism.
  • Size: 2082 × 860 × 608/923 mm.
  • Framework made of mild steel epoxy coated finish with X-ray permeable Top.
  • Collapsible side railings.
  • Equipped with hydraulic pump
  • Equipped with I.V. Pole, drainage hook & bumper protection.
  • 150mm dia noiseless castors with simultaneous braking system which locks / unlocks 2 castors with single pedal press.
  • International quality structure and functionality to satisfy the needs of the best hospital and Operation theaters


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