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l Warming mode: Dry heat transfer
l High/low temperature alarm with triple protection
l 16-bit high speed microprocessor materializes the high precision temp control of the 0.1 accuracy in the whole operation range.
l Reliable and accurate temperature sense: Increase the temperature sense precision from -80 ℃ to 300℃ by 32-bit sigma-delta ADCs (option:
avails the 2-Loop control for the better precision by using 2-Port RTD sensor).
l Simultaneously displays data logging, recording time and temperature ( including set value and present value ) on the same screen;
l Monitor 16 incubator connected into 1 computer with Labtech Hub software,with unlimited Data Logging Graphic monitoring for step programmed process of
real-time and temperature.
l Silent heat extraction motor make the inside of machine temperature uniformity, built-in swing heating function can improve heating efficiency.
l Inner tempered glass door provides the excellent airtight characteristic abd observes the inner sample easily;
l Touch color screen, Offer various operating mode, suifable for different environment;
l User friendly control panel,easy to identify and operate.
l Offer various operating mode,adapting different environment.
l Can connect with PC for option by RS-485/USB
l Silicon glass door

Product Description

l Dimension: 260×330×350mm ( inside ) 545×500×660mm ( outside )
l Capacity: 30L
l Power Running: 500W/Max
l Temperature Range: 5 – 60 ℃
l Temperature Accuracy: During the entire using process, accuracy is controlled within ±0.5 ℃
l Temperature protection: Triple temperature protection
l Control mode: Auto/ manual operation
l Display: 640×480 TFT display
l 0peration mode: Touch-screen and button
l Time: Continuously for 99 hours and 59 minutes
l Operation model: Touch-screen
l Door: Inner: Toughened safety glass
Outer: Silicon packing magnetic door
l Stock rack: for 2(adjustable)
l Safety device:Temperature upper & lower limit cutting function; the breaker for electricity leakage and over current.
l Power supply:AC 110-240V,50/60Hz


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