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The Olympus DSX100 opto-digital imaging system, a free-angle wide-zoom microscope that combines cutting-edge optical performance with the operational convenience of a smartphone or tablet, is now available for life science imaging.

Ideal for applications such as observing, measuring, selecting or comparing three-dimensional specimens, viewing and collecting data on entire organisms, tissues or organs, documenting specimens in their natural context, and more, the system provides ease-of-use and sophistication in the research environment. It comes with a touchscreen, quick zoom via pinch/unpinch, multiple observation modes that can be combined at a touch, a best image selection preview option, an easy stitching function for when a specimen is larger than the field of view, the ability to image specimens with uneven depth and curved surfaces, a rotating, free-angle LED ring light to make imaging even easier, and a built-in macro map so users always know exactly where in the specimen they are. With its proprietary optics, ultra-stable base and vibration reduction, the system is designed to provide enhanced imaging and ease of use.

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